Lecture “Tracing Shared Traditions of Reading in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity: Evidences – Material Aspects – Practices of Reading” at the Seventh Enoch Graduate Seminar in Lausanne

The Seventh Enoch Graduate Seminar, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, July 26–29, 2018.

Enoch Graduate Seminar

The Seventh Enoch Graduate Seminar will be held July 26th–29th in Lausanne, Switzerland at the Université de Lausanne. David Hamidovic (Professor of Jewish apocryphal literature and History of Judaism in Antiquity) will serve as host and Chair of the seminar. The Enoch Graduate Seminar is an international convening of doctoral students where the goal is to share innovative research ideas in a collegial environment. Participants will gather for three days to present and discuss papers on a variety of topics related to their field of research. Each participant is expected to read the papers beforehand for maximum conversational engagement. Individual sessions will be held daily where each presenter will have the opportunity to share his/her research and receive constructive and supportive feedback.